Restaurant Al Filò Bormio

Bormio by Valtline

Ristorante AL FILO'

23032 Bormio - Via Dante, 6

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The center of town is the restaurant
converted from an old barn and a vaulted stone barn dating back to 600.

Renovated in 1987 by the family from Zanche
in 2001 it was noted by the head chef Max with wife Sarah who care the details of the room.

Far wire 'reflects the term "chat, gossip," where during the long winter evenings, when our grandparents found themselves in barns and stables next to the warmth emanating from the animals.

In the restaurant you can find the ideal atmosphere for creative and taste all the specialties of Valtellina.
The cuisine is refined but at the same time simple in approaching the raw materials of the season.
Reported by major guidebooks,
has always been committed to meet the most demanding needs of modern customers.

Excellent value for money.

On booking you make banquets and themed evenings, covered 90/100.

Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays only open in the evening is always open on public holidays.

House specialties: PIZZOCCHERI TELLINA AND GRILLED ROLLER (three kinds of meat, venison, pork and beef all of which combined with a sausage, wrapped around a stick of wood and food cooked on the grill)

Different specialties to choose from a la carte
or in the approach food and wine, there are two types of themed menus.

Wine list offers a selection with about 250 labels divided among the biggest producers of Valtellina and national


The only dish of Filo’   € 16,50

Specialty, Experience, Utility: